Mark Sarkisian


Structural and Seismic Engineering Partner

San Francisco


Mark Sarkisian brings a wealth of expertise in seismic and structural engineering to every SOM project. From adaptive reuse and seismic retrofits to designing long-span structures and some of the world’s tallest buildings, Mark has established a reputation for leadership in the structural engineering industry.

Innovative structural components and systems are key to improving resiliency and performance of buildings and other structures. The research is fundamental to the development of new ideas. Work inspired by art and nature can lead to a genuine aesthetic of structure as architecture.

Mark holds fourteen U.S. and international patents for high-performance seismic structural mechanisms. In 2021, he was elected as a member of the prestigious National Academy of Engineering, distinguished for his “innovation in efficient and aesthetic design of tall buildings and structures.“ He also received the prestigious Fazlur Rahman Khan Life-Cycle Civil Engineering Medal, in 2014. This honor was presented for his contributions to the design of environmentally responsible structural systems. Additional recognitions include the H.J. Brunnier Lifetime Achievement Award by the Structural Engineers Association of Northern California, in 2015; and the U.S. Department of State’s Service Recognition Award, in 2013.

Mark applies his unparalleled experience by teaching an integrated studio class on the collaborative opportunities in design for students from leading universities. Mark also authored Designing Tall Buildings: Structure as Architecture, published by Routledge, an essential reference guide on the fundamental principles of designing high-rise structures.

Selected Work