Our Purpose

Introducing Whole Life Carbon Accounting

Our team of sustainability experts has developed a system for evaluating and measuring whole life carbon emissions clearly and comprehensively—from the very start of a project and throughout its life cycle. This standalone service gives our clients a holistic view of a project’s environmental impact.

Confronting the climate crisis requires meaningful collaboration and new ways of working. For decades, SOM has developed innovative strategies to reduce the carbon impact of the buildings we design. We now hope to amplify our impact by offering this expertise as a standalone service to our clients across the built environment.

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Spotlight on Civic + Government

From local courthouses to international embassies, we design buildings that will serve institutions, governments, and communities for generations to come.


Our Culture

Our studios have no boundaries. When you join SOM, you’re part of a global community that shares expertise and ideas.

SOM attracts the kind of people who make no small plans, who thrive in collaboration, and have the determination to realize their ideas.

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