SOM is a laboratory for new ways of practicing design, an engine for innovation.


Our research, exhibitions, and publications reveal stories about the future of design.

Research + Innovation

For decades, SOM has invested in research that has transformed the architecture, engineering, and construction industry—from developing some of the earliest collaborative CAD platforms to devising the engineering solution for the world’s tallest building.

Robotic Glass Vault
The exhibition "Anatomy of Structure" in London demonstrated new possibilities for robotic fabrication. © Maciej Grzeskowiak | SOM

Whether partnering with universities, research laboratories, and private industry, or advancing our own independent projects, we seize the opportunity to pursue new ideas and applications for the sustainable buildings, cities, and communities of the future.


Every project holds more than meets the eye. Explore the stories behind our work, perspectives from our design leaders, highlights from our firm’s 85-year history, and more.



Presented in partnership with museums and cultural venues around the world, an ongoing series of exhibitions pulls back the curtain on the design process—revealing the often unexpected results of collaboration.


Explore our library of monographs, journals, and publications, where design ideas meet the printed page.

SOM Thinkers Series

Launched to start a public conversation about the built environment, this series poses today’s most pressing questions about design. Each pocket-sized volume of SOM Thinkers brings together leading voices on the issues defining the future.