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Structural + Civil Engineering

Through our interdisciplinary approach to structural design, building on decades of research and proven innovation, our team transforms visionary ideas into reality.

Poly International Plaza

Pushing the boundaries of what’s possible

We believe that great projects are achieved through a dialogue between engineers and architects, working with the shared aspiration to achieve simplicity, structural clarity, and sustainability. Working at all scales, from an art installation to the world’s tallest building, our team brings a breadth and depth of expertise that allows us to take on the most complex challenges. The result: structures that are practical, efficient, and elegant.

Engineering for the planet

Through efficient engineering solutions, we can dramatically reduce the carbon impact of construction. Every project presents an opportunity to develop greener ways of building. We advance new ideas through our research initiatives, working with partners in industry and academia.


The right structural concept can be the difference between a design that moves forward and one that is never realized.

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Spotlight on Seismic Engineering

We specialize in developing structural solutions to protect buildings in earthquake-prone regions. Our performance-based seismic design work includes base isolation techniques, seismic retrofits, and peer reviews.


Spotlight on Civil Engineering

From roadways and transit systems to urban plazas and public spaces, we’re able to tie together the pieces that connect buildings and their environment. Our civil engineers bridge the gap between public and private infrastructure, working as part of our interdisciplinary team of designers, urban planners, ecologists, and more. We implement bold ideas to solve pressing environmental concerns­—seeking efficiencies in utility, transportation, and infrastructure planning, and evaluating the impact of new developments on existing systems and sites.


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