Carrie Byles


Managing Partner

San Francisco


Carrie Byles works to integrate research and technology into every facet of SOM’s practice. Applying her experience across design, technology, and management, she guides complex projects with a clear vision and a commitment to environmental performance.

With more than three decades in practice, Carrie draws upon a broad spectrum of experiences in design, technology, and business to provide strategic leadership for our projects and the firm. With an environmental and humanistic vision, she drives strategy based on research, strong business practices, and inclusive, durable decision making.

What’s in motion stays in motion — the world is changing at an ever-increasing rate, and the work we create with our clients needs to evolve even faster to address the challenges we face and leverage the opportunities of the future.

With a background in digital design, Carrie has a deep understanding of how technology changes the way we live and work. She translates this expertise into transformative projects for clients which include leading universities. At UC Merced, she has been involved for more than two decades in shaping the vision for a radically sustainable campus, which in 2018 became the first public research university in the nation to achieve carbon neutrality. Carrie has also led major renovation and adaptive reuse projects, with a focus on finding innovative solutions to reducing carbon impact.

Carrie balances her passion for design, technology, and the environment with a “developer mentality.” She believes that bringing all parties together early in the design process is the foundation for success.

Selected Work