Hangzhou Cultural Park

Located between the historic district of West Lake Old Town and the contemporary center of Qianjiang New City, the Hangzhou Cultural Park marks a transition point from the city’s past to its future. The project unites a 20-hectare public park with an 80,000-square-meter cultural arts center that together capture the spirit of Hangzhou.

The park’s design is inspired by the local legend of a pearl that fell from the heavens, making an impact that created West Lake. Sloping green roofs, which feature stepped terraces inspired by the surrounding geography, create a dynamic outdoor experience. The elevated landscape provides panoramic city views, while the central lake features a series of urban gardens and lakeside paths.

Beneath the park is an array of cultural institutions, which include the Hangzhou History Museum, Chinese Seal Art Museum, Hangzhou Fine Art Museum, and the Eastern Art & Culture International Exchange Center. These destinations, combined with Cultural Park’s inviting architecture and landscape, create a civic focal point that unites the past, present, and future of Hangzhou.