Lonny Israel

Principal - Environmental Graphic Design / Branding

San Francisco


As part of a global design practice encompassing architecture, interiors, and urban design, Lonny Israel has forged a new genre of environmental graphics and branding—one that is deeply influenced by SOM’s interdisciplinary collaboration and an in-depth understanding of his clients.

Under Israel’s leadership, the SOM Environmental Graphics and Branding Studio has created a broad range of award-winning projects for such clients as the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art; the Asian Art Museum in San Francisco; the Oakland Museum of California; the Cathedral of Christ the Light in Oakland; San Francisco International Airport – International Terminal; the New United States Courthouse in Los Angeles; the United States Embassy in Beijing; and the Jianianhua Center in Chongqing. This significant work is guided by Israel’s ability to engage his clients and communicate a clear vision at all levels and phases of the design process.

Israel’s work seamlessly merges architecture and graphic design. The scale and complexity of his projects has been recognized in the industry as has his ability to expand the potential of graphic design to influence and shape the built environment.

Selected Work