Chuck Besjak


Principal - Structural Engineering

New York


Chuck Besjak is known for his sophisticated structural designs that account for dynamic environmental forces such as seismic, wind, and water—often in some of the world’s most challenging sites and climates. From designing long-span structures and supertall buildings to renovations and adaptive reuse projects, Chuck focuses on constructability and efficiency. This approach is perhaps most clearly manifested in the structural designs of Manhattan West and 35 Hudson Yards, two of New York City’s most complex building projects in recent history. Both developments required an intricate synthesis of architectural design and structural engineering to navigate complex site conditions below, while expressing structural elegance above.  

Chuck has established a reputation of creating singular architectural icons with structural systems that are seamlessly integrated, highly efficient, and aesthetically innovative. Chuck is an active member of several international professional organizations, and in 2016 he was elevated to Fellow of the American Institute of Architects. He is a frequent guest lecturer and his projects have been recognized by international publications and awards.

Bringing both an architectural and structural perspective to design enables us to innovate, and to create buildings that are both constructible and beautiful. Clarity of concept is key—when we design for both aesthetics and efficiency, we can create bold, timeless architecture.

Selected Work