Christopher Wollaston


Design Principal, Europe Practice Leader



Christopher leads ambitious design projects across Europe and the Middle East, focusing first on how the human experience can inform the way that buildings and cities are designed. Since joining SOM in 2005, he has worked in both the Chicago and London offices, where he has contributed to a series of residential and mixed-use projects. Among these are Manhattan Loft Gardens, a structurally innovative 42-story tower in Stratford that seeks to define a new type of high-rise community; Nine Elms Square, the regeneration of a formerly industrial area into a riverfront residential district; and Harrow Square, an outer London mixed-use development that centers on community and civic spaces.

Any given project has the ability to bring change; at the scale of an individual’s experience, at the scale of a community, or at a global, environmental scale. How our buildings negotiate this is an endless source of reflection.

Currently, Christopher is spearheading the firm’s work in and around Paris, including the masterplan and two buildings in the heart of the Charenton-Bercy district: a timber-frame office building atop an active railway line and a residential tower that is slated to be the tallest of its kind in France.

Selected Work