Nanchang Greenland Exhibition Center

The Nanchang Exhibition Center’s distinctive shape is informed by growth patterns found in nature such as plants and shells. The initial phase is a single structure that will accommodate 130,000 square meters of exhibition space on two levels. A 650-meter-long pre-function space faces a continuous landscaped outdoor park and 30,000-square-meter outdoor exhibition area. The spiral was chosen to link various program elements and phased construction across three parcels of land.

The design’s singular form reinforces the grand scale dictated by the large program while maintaining flexibility that allows it to be used as a single hall or split into multiple spaces for individual events. Largeness is enhanced by a bowed roof structure that has an 81-meter clear span with a 40-meter cantilever at each end. The overhang provides protection from the elements for visitors at the north side, loading trucks at the south side, and allows for the most efficient use of structural steel.

The spiral form more efficiently encloses space than a similar rectangular structure. It also creates a longer service zone, enhancing critical back-of-house spaces for optimized functioning of the facility. The double-height exhibition hall has 65,000-square-meters of column-free space on the upper level. The hall’s high performance roof system is configured as a series of parallel scallops that permit natural ventilation and daylighting, solar power generation and a rainwater collection system.

The continuous pre-function area’s exterior wall is a transparent cable wall that enhances the relationship between interior and exterior public spaces. Linear lighting in the pre-function spaces can be programmed to identify specific areas when the facility is used for concurrent events. Similarly, LED lights in the outdoor exhibition area can be programmed as a sculptural element to bring life to the space under different scenarios.