Designing Tall Buildings: Structure as Architecture

DESIGNING TALL BUILDINGS: STRUCTURE AS ARCHITECTUREThe first reference book of its kind, Designing Tall Buildings: Structure as Architecture, authored by SOM Structural and Seismic Engineering Partner Mark Sarkisian, is an accessible guide to the fundamental principles of designing high-rise buildings. Each chapter focuses on one theme central to tall building design, providing a comprehensive overview of the related architecture and structural engineering concepts, each illustrated by projects from SOM’s 80-year portfolio.

The book advises on how a particular site’s geology, wind conditions, and seismicity should be considered in a building’s design. This contextual knowledge and analysis guides the development of efficient structural systems that are not only safe, but also constructible and economical. Additionally, Sarkisian addresses the influence of nature in design, and advocates for the integration of structure and architecture to create buildings of superior performance, sustainability, and design excellence. This second edition offers two new chapters, additional sections, 400 images, project examples, and updated U.S. and international codes.