Peter Glasson


Design Principal

Washington, D.C.

Peter Glasson approaches his work with the belief that every project represents an opportunity to positively impact and evolve public institutions, cities, and their immediate context. The range of his work encompasses civic and government buildings, high-speed rail stations and transit-oriented developments, large-scale mixed-use projects, and manufacturing facilities. With an equal focus on the environment and on the human experience, Peter seeks to integrate his projects with their neighborhoods, while reducing embodied and operational carbon at all stages of design.

Working with a storied, established institution and helping them reimagine their evolution is one of the most exciting aspects of the architectural profession. Many of our projects are once-in-a-century opportunities, and we have a responsibility to envision a sustainable and resilient future that maintains our clients’ core values.

As a design leader in the Washington, D.C. studio, Peter works to establish a synergy between clients and the multi-disciplinary design teams he leads—bringing out the best in everyone, and cultivating solutions from each team member’s unique expertise. He finds joy in determining the craft, clarity, and resolution of a larger design vision, working from the broader concepts to the smallest of details with rigor and purpose; much of his work unites architectural expression with structure, from the canopy covering Denver Union Station to the V-bracing at the MiamiCentral Brightline station. One of his largest projects will reimagine the production facility of the U.S. Department of the Treasury’s Bureau of Engraving and Printing—integrating industrial design with the surrounding environment.

Selected Work