SOM Releases Climate Action Report, Achieves Net Zero Emissions

Confronting the climate crisis is the most important goal that drives SOM’s work. As a leading global architecture and engineering firm, we want to work with our clients, peers, and collaborators to move our industry forward. That’s why we have made a twofold pledge to achieve net zero carbon emissions: in our own business operations, and in every project that we design.

At the conclusion of COP27, the United Nations Global Climate Conference—where SOM presented an innovative concept for carbon-absorbing buildings—we are proud to announce that we are now a net zero emissions business globally. We have achieved this through a series of systems and practices to reduce our emissions, bolstered by carbon offsets. As we continue to reduce the carbon emissions associated with our business operations each year, we have our sights set on becoming a net zero emissions business without offsets by 2030.

“In sharing this report, our hope is to inspire measurable action in our industry to mitigate the effects of climate change,” said Yasemin Kologlu, Design Principal and a leader of SOM’s Climate Action Group. “Through our built work, by 2040, every project we design should achieve net zero carbon, which is essential to cutting carbon emissions generated by buildings.”

“We are increasingly empowered by the positive change we are able to achieve by cross-pollinating expertise and experiences within and beyond SOM, and by embedding our commitment in all aspects of our business and work,” said Mina Hasman, Sustainability Director at SOM. “This report illustrates our progress, with concrete actions to deliver a decarbonized, resilient, and equitable built environment.”

In our first Climate Action Report, we are outlining our commitments, highlighting innovative projects, and introducing some of the people driving this effort. We also describe the climate tools and strategies that we’ve developed through research and built experience. We are sharing this report—a 360-degree view of climate action and innovation at SOM—in the hopes that others will build on and amplify this work. One of the key lessons we have learned through this research and exploration is that it will take all of us to reach any meaningful solution—both within and beyond our industry. Join us!