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SOM Collaborates with National Geographic to Envision Cities of the Future

Skidmore, Owings & Merrill LLP (SOM) has announced their recent collaboration with National Geographic in envisioning “Cities of the Future” as part of the magazine’s upcoming issue focused on global urbanization.

Drawing on inspiration from SOM’s extensive research and urban planning precedents around the world, “Cities of the Future” addresses urbanization in the year 2050, when the global population is expected to reach 9.8 billion. The project is designed around several key principles, including conservation of ecological resources, dense settlement patterns, and livability and social equity.

The project was led by Peter Kindel, SOM’s California-based City Design Practice Director, and supported by a group of interdisciplinary designers from multiple SOM offices. The team went through a process they refer to as “Now & Next,” where current urban design concepts are evaluated and then reimagined for the year 2050.

“SOM is constantly seeking ways to create better cities and places for people and the environment,” said Kindel. “Teaming with National Geographic allowed us to utilize our findings and illustrate issues of urbanization in a comprehensible way.”

Detailed concepts and graphics were developed by several SOM team members, including Nadia Conceicao, Saki Mizuguchi, James Kirkpatrick, Michael Powell, Tanli Liu, and Zi Yi Chen, among others.

“We believe existing and future cities can adopt many of these ideas,” said SOM Partner Carrie Byles. “As cities confront the urgent challenges of population growth and climate change, we hope this collaboration can lead to a greater focus on rethinking infrastructure, resources, technology, and transportation for the future.”

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