SOM Commissioned for the Design of Rivian’s $5 Billion EV Manufacturing Plant

Rivian logo

American automaker Rivian has announced their plans to build a state-of-the-art complex for manufacturing electric vehicles (EVs) in Stanton Springs, Georgia, 40 minutes outside Atlanta. SOM and Jacobs will design the 1,800-acre, $5 billion facility to embody the firm’s sustainable values through an efficient and environmentally sensitive design. 

“We have an ambitious goal to develop an eco-conscious facility that illustrates our mission of keeping the world adventurous forever,” said Tony Sanger, Vice President of Facilities at Rivian. 

“Our partnership with Rivian underscores our belief in innovative solutions to address climate change,” said SOM Managing Partner Adam Semel. “It’s gratifying to work with a client who shares our vision for a greener future, and we’re excited to enable a product that will reduce greenhouse gas emissions on a national scale.”

Not only will the plant contribute significantly to the continued growth and adoption of electric vehicles, but it is also expected to create approximately 7,500 employment opportunities, demonstrating the company’s commitment to both the local and national economies. 

“In many ways, we’re focused on aligning Rivian’s production with their product,” says SOM Partner Scott Duncan. “Like their vehicles, their manufacturing facility will be all-electric and smartly-designed, seamlessly merging form and function. This synergy not only meets the escalating demand for EVs but also creates a new home for technological innovation and sustainability in the Sun Belt.” 

Rivian’s manufacturing plant will play a pivotal role in driving the continued expansion and adoption of electric vehicles. The Rivian plant is expected to begin vehicle production in 2026.