Netsch Residence Granted Rare Interior Landmark Status by City of Chicago

Last week, the Chicago City Council granted rare interior landmark status to the Netsch Residence.

The home on 1700 N. Hudson was built in 1974 by former SOM Design Partner, Walter Netsch, who designed it using his acclaimed “field theory: a highly versatile approach to the geometric generation of architectonic structures intended to be uniquely suited to their purposes and environments.

Upon bestowing the status, the Chicago Mayor’s office noted, “featuring progressive, geometric structural patterns, the building is the only residential building Netsch designed throughout an illustrious career that produced many globally renowned institutional and commercial structures.”

In 2013, SOM collaborated with the new owners to preserve the essence of the house while sensitively adapting and renewing certain elements of its structure. The renovation involved adding new appliances and cabinetry to the well-worn kitchen. A continuous 40-foot walnut counter and shelf were installed to pay homage to the original linear service bar. To reconcile the desire for an open concept with the need for privacy, concealed sliding doors were designed and installed in the bath and master bedroom area.

We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to the home’s new custodians, Will Forrest and Mark Smithe, for their dedicated care of this remarkable house. We also extend our appreciation to the City Council for ensuring its preservation.