Bio-Block™ Spiral Opens at Chicago Architecture Biennial

Bio-Block™ Spiral has opened to the public at 167 Green Street for the fifth edition of the Chicago Architecture Biennial (CAB5). Constructed out of algae-based Bio-Blocks™ developed in partnership with Prometheus Materials, the Bio-Block Spiral echoes the shell-like material by creating a public space for gathering and contemplation in Chicago’s Fulton Market District.

Reflecting on this Biennial theme, #ThisisaRehearsal, Bio-Block Spiral demonstrates a change-making collaboration across construction, fabrication, and design industries as a precursor for a healthier world.

Dave Burk © SOM
Completed Bio-Block™ Spiral at the Chicago Architecture Biennial. Dave Burk © SOM
Installation of Bio-Block™ Spiral. Dave Burk © SOM

Composed primarily of algae-based bio-concrete, the zero-carbon Blocks could significantly reduce global CO2 emissions as a 1-to-1 replacement for Concrete Masonry Units. Importantly, the installation was assembled using conventional masonry techniques and constructed by the International Masonry Institute and J&E Duff, further proving the viability of the material in construction.

Bio-Block™ Spiral is on view at the Mews at 167 N Green Street in Fulton Market, Chicago.