RegenCities: Economic Regeneration in South L.A.

This video is intended to raise awareness and launch a broad conversation about how South Los Angeles has historically been perceived, what it is now, and what it wants to be in the future. It's part of the public engagement process for the South L.A. Economic Regeneration Project (Remake L.A.).

SOM's City Design Practice has partnered with Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti’s Operations Innovation Team to develop a pilot project for equitable economic development in South L.A. We are designing a methodology to identify opportunities to leverage city-owned surplus property to create jobs. The team is testing a new public engagement process to inform decision-making and procurement, transforming a traditionally hierarchical system into one driven by community input. This grassroots approach will engage a broad cross-section of the community, leading to a procurement process that is driven by the community’s needs.

To contribute to the South L.A. Economic Regeneration pilot project, please visit our online engagement portal.

Learn more about SOM's RegenLA research project, part of our global RegenCities initiative.