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The Greenest Buildings of 2011

Photo © Pallon Daruwala

Source: CNN

Some house important corporate meetings; others are family homes. Some are gearing up to welcome top athletes while others open their doors to school children each day. But all these buildings have one thing in common: This year they have won coveted architecture awards for innovative design and construction methods and for promoting sustainability.CNN puts the global spotlight on a handful of buildings that have been recognized not only for their good looks but for their green credentials too.

Park Hotel Hyderabad -- Hyderabad, India

This five-star luxury boutique hotel in Hyderabad, India, achieved the first LEED® Gold certification for a hotel in India in 2010 and was designed by SOM. The project is distinctive for its implementation of sustainable design strategies, with special focus on daylighting: Perforated and embossed metal screens over a high-performance glazing system allow ample diffused daylight to enter the interior spaces.

Award: Green Good Design 2011

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