SOM Pride

SOM Pride is a global network that elevates and celebrates the voices of the LGBTQIA+ community at our firm and in our industry. We’re focused on building an open, inclusive, and equitable environment together. Spanning countries and regions, our network brings visibility to our community and our allies. We affirm the importance of a safe space that is inclusive of gender, sexuality, race, and many intersecting identities in the architecture, engineering, and construction industries. 

Founded through grassroots efforts, SOM Pride formally became a global organization in 2018. Together we lead initiatives dedicated to enriching our shared culture and moving our industry forward—through education, advocacy, and more. We organize seminars on the role and influence of LGBTQIA+ designers in history, offer inclusive design guidance, form teams to compete on building projects, and host events and lectures with emerging designers.

SOM Pride is active in industry organizations including the Build Out Alliance in New York, the AIA Chicago LGBTQIA+ Alliance, and AIA San Francisco, and we make annual donations to LGBTQIA+ organizations in our communities around the world. As agents for change at SOM and in our industry, we take pride in our role in challenging the status quo to include a broader set of identities.