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SOM Foundation Announces Annual Travel Fellowship Winners

From left to right: Jongwan Kwon, 2016 SOM Prize Winner; Lindsey Wikstrom, 2016 Travel Fellowship for Architecture; and Nathan Brown, 2016 Travel Fellowship for Structural Engineering. Photos © SOM

Source: The Architect's Newspaper

The SOM Foundation has announced the 2016 SOM Foundation Fellowships. Since 1981, the foundation has awarded over 200 graduating undergraduate and graduate students of architecture, design, urban design, and structural engineering with money to fund travel and research in the year after graduation.

This year’s winners include MIT M.Arch graduate Jongwan Kwon, Columbia University M.Arch graduate Lindsey Wikstrom, and MIT M.S. in Building Technology graduate Nathan Collin Brown. The SOM Foundation also awarded three $5,000 SOM China Prizes to recent graduates in China.

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