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Phil Enquist, The Master Planner

Photo © SOM

Source: Mandarin Quarterly

It's March 2011 at the Beijing Grand Hyatt. Chicago Mayor Richard Daley is speaking to Chinese leaders at the end of his visit to China and promoting urban design in his own city, Chicago. In the audience, his speech struck a chord with Phil Enquist, who had been following Mayor Daley's official visit to China. "The United States has no such mayor like Mayor Daley, who would go to such efforts to create and strengthen a relationship between his own city and China," he said.

In fact, Enquist also has a very deep relationship with China. As a partner of prestigious Chicago architectural firm SOM and leading expert in urban design and planning, Enquist has led multiple projects in China. Many nationally and even globally well known city designs come from Enquist and his team.

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