Mark Sarkisian Elected to the National Academy of Engineering

Photo © SOM

Structural and Seismic Engineering Partner Mark Sarkisian has been elected to the National Academy of Engineering—one of the highest honors that can be granted to an engineer. Members of the Academy are chosen for having made outstanding and tangible contributions to the engineering profession. Mark was elected in recognition of his innovations in aesthetic and efficient tall building design around the world.

Sarkisian joined SOM in 1985 and became a partner in 2013. He holds 14 U.S. and international patents, notably for structural systems to help buildings withstand seismic activity. Sarkisian is licensed to practice civil and structural engineering in more than 20 states. He has worked on more than 100 building projects including the U.S. Embassy in Beijing, the NBC Tower in Chicago, the New United States Courthouse in Los Angeles, The Cathedral of Christ the Light in Oakland, the Jin Mao Tower in Shanghai, and the Al Hamra Tower in Kuwait. He has authored the book Designing Tall Buildings: Structure as Architecture.

Throughout his career, Sarkisian has received numerous recognitions, including the prestigious Fazlur Rahman Khan Life-Cycle Civil Engineering Medal. The honor was bestowed upon him by the International Association for Life-Cycle Civil Engineering for his contributions to the design of environmentally responsible structural systems.

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