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Ame M. Engelhart Elected to ULI Global Governing Trustees

Photo © SOM

SOM Director Ame M. Engelhart has been elected to the Urban Land Institute (ULI) Global Governing Trustees. The group leads the organization in finding solutions for responsible land use and building thriving communities, and determines the broad direction of the ULI.

Engelhart is an accomplished architect and urban planner focused on the design of cities, districts, and large, complex projects. She is dedicated to promoting the fundamental principles of livability and sustainability, and approaches each design project with respect to the unique social, economic, environmental, and geographic conditions inherent in each city and site. Working in SOM’s Hong Kong office, Engelhart directs high-visibility, forward-facing projects that strategically define or redefine important places, positioning them for enduring growth.

The ULI was established in 1936, and its Global Governing Trustees represents more than 40,000 members worldwide. The Institute is recognized as one of the most respected voices in urban planning, growth, and development.

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