2014 SOM China Tour

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The worldwide leadership of the SOM City Design Practice will meet with urban planning colleagues and students in major Chinese cities during May 2014 in order to exchange experiences and views about shared responsibilities in ensuring livable and sustainable urban environments in the 21st century – the Century of Cities.

SOM City Design Practice leaders will present SOM’s Nine Principles for repairing urban environments and creating balance between nature and the city. They will use case studies of Chinese and international cities that illustrate these principles. 

SOM planners are eager to meet their Chinese colleagues knowing that they will play an important international role in the next few decades. First, because Chinese planners know best from their own experiences the lessons of explosive urban growth. Second, because of their emerging expertise in devising holistic solutions for mitigating the damage done to the environment by rapid urbanization. 

SOM’s City Design Practice has completed dozens of projects all over China in the past 20 years. The architecture, engineering and interior design firm of which it is part has designed more than 100 buildings in China, many of which are city skyline landmarks. Please plan to participate in this strategic dialogue. 

2014 Trip Itinerary 

Thursday, May 22

Friday, May 23 

Monday, May 26

Tuesday, May 27

Thursday, May 29


Philip J. Enquist | Bio, Resume
Partner in Charge of Urban Design and Planning 

Silas Chiow | Bio, Resume
Director of SOM China

Thomas Hussey | Bio, Resume
Director of Urban Design and Planning   

Ellen Lou | Bio, Resume
Director of Urban Design and Planning     

Peter Kindel | Resume
Director of Urban Design and Planning  

Naifei Sun | Resume
Associate Director 

Shean H. Chien | Resume
Project Manager

Peter Mulvaney | Resume
Associate Director of Urban Design and Planning


Naifei Sun

Shean Chien

Ellen Lou