Tianjin Binhai CBD Master Plan

The Tianjin New Binhai Master Plan calls for the redevelopment of a coastal industrial zone and former port into a new center of commerce. The 2,500-hectare site is located near the confluence of the Hai He River and the Bohai Gulf, one of the busiest seaways in the world. It sits outside of central Tianjin, the fourth most-populated city in the country.

The mixed-use district will feature high-rise buildings, historic neighborhoods, and open spaces, along with a comprehensive road and rail system. A high-speed train will run between the district and Beijing, enabling better access to the gulf from China’s capital. SOM’s plan also calls for regenerating the area’s natural landscape.

Project Facts

Location: Tianjin, China

Design Completion: 2009

Site Area: 2,500 hectares

Project Area: 9,000,000 m2

Market: Master Plan, Transportation

Service: MEP, Structural + Civil Engineering, Urban Design + Planning



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