Recruitment Fraud

Businesses are seeing an increase in recruitment scams. SOM is no exception.

We have received numerous inquiries from job seekers about potential job interviews or employment offers received from phony recruiters who claim to represent SOM. These “recruiters” connect via email, text, letters, faxes, phone calls and even Google Hangouts—none of which are from a reliable SOM source. The communications or offers may include SOM’s logo, a job description, salary terms, benefits, training, and other detailed information that appear to be valid. They are not.

These offers are often followed with requests for payment to process documents or initiate job training, for personal bank information or for other personal information that could result in identity theft.

Job seekers should be vigilant about recruitment fraud and note a few important points:

If you receive an unsolicited or suspicious offer of employment from SOM, contact us for further verification.

If interested in our current job openings, please visit our Careers page.