Shen Ye Upperhills Mixed-Use Development - Class A Office & Luxury Hotel Complex

A new destination in the center of Shenzhen, this mixed-use development features two landmark towers, a ballroom pavilion, and a large elevated pedestrian park that connects the city’s two major parks — Lotus Hill Park to the southwest and Beacon Hill Park to the northeast. An enlivened podium provides a variety of retail experiences, including high-end boutiques, a department store, and a small-scale shopping village.

SOM’s architecture and engineering teams collaborated on the design of both signature skyscrapers: a 389-meter office/hotel tower and a 300-meter office tower. They also worked in tandem to design the hotel and two pedestrian bridges that span roadways. The bridges, together with the new elevated park and existing parks, form a continuous tapestry of green that intersects with the city at the site’s center.

The project is LEED Gold Pre-Certified by the USGBC.