Barnard College – The Milstein Center

Located at the heart of campus, The Cheryl and Philip Milstein Teaching and Learning Center is a hub of academic and intellectual life at Barnard College. The 128,000-square-foot interdisciplinary building is designed to bring students and faculty together distinctively, facilitating collaborations and fostering dialogue.

The Milstein Center's program of diversified yet synergistic resources culminate in a new library. The library celebrates Barnard’s collections, expands user seating and archival storage, and supports new modes of learning through state-of-the-art multimedia labs and learning spaces. As the campus' scholarly center, the library will link departments and disciplines, physically and philosophically. To that effect, the library connects with a range of teaching labs and flexible learning spaces, including centers for pedagogy, empirical reasoning, digital humanities, design, and media, as well as a movement lab. It will also house the Vagelos Computational Science Center, designed to support students and faculty pursuing pioneering research.

The project also includes expanded conference facilities, interdisciplinary workspace for four academic departments, and a new home of the distinguished Athena Center for Leadership Studies and the Barnard Center for Research on Women.

The new building’s design is a bespoke response to its unique position overlooking the Lawn. The building’s massing is tailored to this beloved site through terracing that functions dually—inviting sunlight to the campus lawn while being a respectful neighbor to its community. The terraces extend the lawn onto the building to create inviting outdoor spaces, as well.

Like Barnard College itself, The Milstein Center will be a distinctive place of community, collaboration, and connections. Embodying a culture of intellectual collaboration and interdisciplinary interchange, it will create cross-departmental ties, stimulate global connections, inspire students, and foster bonds between students and faculty. This transformative building will prepare Barnard College for another 125 years of service to women of intellect, ambition, and vision.