Meredith Bostwick Lorenzo Eiroa


Senior Associate Principal, Higher Education Design Strategist and Practice Leader

New York


Meredith Bostwick-Lorenzo Eiroa leads the strategic vision for SOM’s Higher Education Practice. As an expert in university design with a broad portfolio encompassing academic programming, campus framework planning, ground-up construction, conservation, and renovation projects, she is dedicated to curating dynamic processes and planning methodologies that guide the creation of innovative learning and collaborative research environments.

At the outset of a project, Meredith seeks to highlight each institution’s unique pedagogy, culture, and place to shape responsive physical spaces and environments through an inclusive design process—optimizing experiences, exploring opportunities, and extending possibilities of informal teaching and learning beyond the traditional classroom. She facilitates equitable design processes, helping project teams build consensus around a shared vision and unique value proposition for each project, while responding to the institutional mission, program needs, and bespoke project objectives at hand.

The ideal campus environments emerge from the dynamic exchange of ideas between the design team and every campus and community constituent engaged in the process. Every voice can enable a deeper understanding of the physical environments and experiences needed to scaffold students in their own becoming.

Meredith is a member of the Society for College and University Planners and an active contributor to the Learning Spaces Collaboratory. For both organizations, she lends her expertise on a variety of topics that shape campus planning, including operational agility and resilience, climate action, the importance of belonging and community, and equity, diversity and inclusion.

Selected Work