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Yue Zhu and Weiqi Wang Present White Magnolia Plaza at China Design Open Course 2019

On Wednesday, May 29th, Director Yue Zhu spoke at the China Design Open Course. Held in Shanghai, the symposium was part of a multi-city event sponsored by Sina Home. The theme this year was "Exploring Contemporary Chinese New Habitat."

The China Design Open Course brings participants together to exchange knowledge across disciplines in order to drive innovation in design throughout China. The event showcases culturally significant architectural landmarks in the city as well as across China, including SOM's White Magnolia Plaza

To supplement Zhu's Open Course presentation, Associate Weiqi Wang led a tour of White Magnolia Plaza. At 320 meters in height, it is the tallest building in Shanghai's North Bund area. Inspired by the robust beauty of the magnolia, Shanghai's municipal flower, the mixed-use project embodies the spirit of new growth and has become a new landmark in the North Bund District.

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