Two SOM Projects Win Three Awards of Excellence in CTBUH 2019 Awards

Two SOM projects were honored with three Awards of Excellence in the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat (CTBUH) 2019 Awards. The annual program recognizes projects that have enhanced the urban environment as well as tall building design, engineering, and construction. Award winners will be recognized at the 2019 Tall + Urban Innovation Conference in Shenzhen, China, in April 2019, where they will have the chance to compete for the title of Overall Category Winner.

Manhattan Loft Gardens received two Awards of Excellence—one in the Best Tall Building 100-199 meters category, and another in the Structural Engineering category. The 42-story building brings a mixture of residential apartments, a five-star hotel, and outdoor terraces to a site located near one of London’s largest transportation interchanges. In designing the building, SOM's integrated team of architects and engineers focused on the idea of creating a vertical community that would promote social interaction.

A uniquely engineered concrete and steel frame supports the double-cantilevered tower and creates a distinct silhouette, with terraces, or sky gardens, carved out of the building’s profile. Above each sky garden, eight massive post-tensioned concrete outrigger walls cantilever from the core and support perimeter steel trusses, which in turn support the column loads above. "The post-tensioning methods and the scale of components used in Manhattan Loft Gardens is typically seen only in large infrastructure projects," SOM Director Dmitri Jajich notes. "Remarkably, both the massive outriggers and the transfer trusses are integrated into and through typical apartments. The occupants of these levels will literally live within the structure."

Along with Manhattan Loft Gardens, Tanjong Pagar Centre won an Award of Excellence in the Urban Habitat – Single Site Scale category. The project, a 64-story tower with a freestanding 20-story structure, was recognized as a tall building that significantly contributes to the advancement of its surrounding urban environment. Its centerpiece is a re-designed Tanjong Pagar City Park that provides activity and open space for visitors. Within this public space is the canopied City Room, an outdoor area featuring public art, performance areas, ground-level retail, and an underground pedestrian network connected to the Tanjong Pagar Mass Rapid Transit station.

SOM Design Partner Mustafa K. Abadan explained the design: "It is centrally located in the city to draw people to the site and has great connectivity to public transportation systems. The 15-meter-tall canopy defines the City Room, creates a grand and inviting space, and, with its solar integrated glass roof, is a visual demonstration of the project's commitment to the highest aspirations in sustainability."

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