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Two SOM Projects Win Glocal Design Magazine Noldi Schreck Awards

Glocal Design Magazine honored two SOM projects with 2019 Noldi Schreck Awards, a program that recognizes the best design projects in Mexico each year. The Kinematic Sculpture, a pavilion that was recently displayed as part of Mexico City's Mextrópoli festival, won first place in the Ephemeral Architecture Category. Bio-Esfera, a creative office complex in Guadalajara, won second place the Corporate Architecture category.

Designed and constructed for a traveling exhibition, the Kinematic Sculpture was originally presented at “Poetic Structure: Art + Engineering + Architecture” at the MAK Center in Los Angeles and was displayed again for  “SOM: Arte + Ingeniería + Arquitectura” at Antiguo Colegio de San Ildefonso in Mexico City. The origami-like pavilion structure explores the mathematical relationships between force and motion. It can be moved and flexed into various shapes from its original geometry with the application of minimal pressure. Beyond its aesthetic impact, the sculpture suggests possibilities for designing structures that can be morphed to serve functional needs.

Bio-Esfera is a sustainability-focused modern office complex and the first project completed within the Distrito La Perla development, which transforms an underutilized site in Guadalajara into a vibrant mixed-use destination. The complex provides flexible, highly collaborative, multi-tenant spaces designed for the city’s thriving technology and creative industries.

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