Two SOM Projects Win 2016-2017 Real Estate Design China Awards

Beijing Greenland Center and Nanchang Greenland Exhibition Center have both won 2016-2017 Real Estate Design China Awards. The annual awards program recognizes projects completed throughout China that have played a significant role in improving the country's built environment. Beijing Greenland Center received a Gold Award, the program's highest honor; Nanchang Greenland Exhibition Center received a Merit Award for the 2016-2017 cycle.

Located in the Dawangjing Business District, Beijing Greenland Center reflects a new era of contemporary architecture in Beijing, incorporating office and residential programming in a slender, soaring tower atop a four-story retail podium. Clad in a modular system of sloped, woven glass panels, Beijing Greenland Center activates the landscape through a dynamic interplay of texture, light, and shadow.

Nanchang Greenland Exhibition Center, located in the capital of Jiangxi Province, provides a world-class facility for events, fairs, and exhibitions. Gently curving around a landscaped plaza, the 81-meter-wide, two-story center holds 128,000 square meters of exhibition space, with 65,000 square meters of that column-free. Fusing programmatic flexibility, visually striking design, and urban connectivity, the Greenland Exhibition Center plays a key role in solidifying Nanchang’s status as a regional economic and cultural hub.

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