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Thomas Kinzl to Speak at Conference on Advanced Building Skins in Switzerland

Tianjin CTF Finance Centre. Image © SOM | Luxigon

On Monday, October 2nd, SOM Associate Director and Technical Designer Thomas Kinzl will speak at the 2017 Conference on Advanced Building Skins in Bern, Switzerland. During his presentation "Parametric Curtain Wall Design," Kinzl will explore recent innovations by SOM in curtain wall design, and the implementation and construction of complex curtain wall geometries. To illustrate SOM's methods, Kinzl will present Tianjin CTF Finance Centre as a case study.

Based in SOM's Chicago office, Kinzl is responsible for the technical coordination and development of projects of all scales and typologies. As a technical designer, Kinzl plays an active role in shaping the firm's technical strategies through research and development of new techniques, and monitoring and implementing current trends in building technology.

The Conference on Advanced Building Skins gathers multidisciplinary experts to explore opportunities for architects, engineers, scientists, manufacturers, and the building industry to further integrate and optimize building design and planning.

Conference on Advanced Building Skins 2017
Parametric Curtain Wall Design

Day 1, Session Block A
10:45 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.

Kursaal, Kornhausstrasse 3
3000 Bern, Switzerland

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