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The Best Commercial Architects in New York City


Source: NYC Architects

The New York City skyline is an emblem of industry, commerce, and our ability to push the limits of engineering and design. The landscape is punctuated by Art Deco, Gothic, and contemporary towers that reflect the melange of individuals who pass through their grand lobbies and green plazas. Though the design firms behind the Chrysler Building and the Empire State Building are no more, other practices—some with a long history and others with less than a decade under their belts—are designing the structures that will one day define the city. Here are the top firms shaping New York City’s future.


SOM designs are taking New York City into a new age of urbanism. Just south of the Hudson Yards development, the Manhattan West will similarly integrate an isolated neighborhood with the rest of the island. Besides the master plan, SOM has designed two elegant office towers, 225k square feet of retail and restaurants, and two acres of plazas and parks for the two-block, 5M-square-foot development. 

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