SOM and Janet Echelman Win Award for Collaborative Artwork in West Hollywood

Photo © Benny Chan | Fotoworks

Janet Echelman's sculpture "Dream Catcher" has been honored in the 2018 CODAawards, a program that recognizes outstanding collaborations between artists and architects. SOM worked with Echelman to create the fiber net sculpture, which is suspended above a public plaza at The Jeremy Hotel in West Hollywood, California.

"Dream Catcher" is the centerpiece of several commissioned artworks at The Jeremy. Inspired by the pursuit of dreams, Echelman's 90-foot-high sculpture represents brainwaves that can be electronically mapped while dreaming. Architects and structural engineers at SOM worked closely with Echelman to engineer the structure that supports the sculptural nets. The team designed embedded sleeves that attach the artwork to the towers at 16 different points.

The artwork fulfills the requirements of the City of West Hollywood's Urban Art Program, which mandates that large developments include an onsite art component that is free and accessible to the public. The design team and property owner combined the requirements for the hotel and the Sunset La Cienega Residences, an adjacent project also designed by SOM, to plan a significant artwork appropriate for the high-profile site. The team selected Echelman, a renowned artist who has designed and installed large-scale, experiential sculptures in major cities around the world.

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