Shanghai Old Town Master Plan Shortlisted for World Architecture Festival Awards


The Shanghai Old Town Master Plan, also referred to as Shanghai Huangpu Old Town Urban Design, has been shortlisted in the 2018 Masterplanning - Future Project category of the World Architecture Festival awards. WAF takes place this year in Amsterdam from November 28-30. The festival includes lectures, live presentations and evaluations, announcement of award winners, and other events. 

SOM's master plan calls for the revitalization of Old Town, a historic district located in the ancient center of Shanghai. Through a series of design interventions that are historically and culturally sensitive, the plan protects the historic character and intimate scale of the area's streetscapes, buildings, and urban forms. Additionally, the plan fosters new, transit-oriented development while avoiding the detrimental effects of recent urbanization in the district, such as the wider streets and massive structures that have at times diminished the cityscape.

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