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Philip Enquist Travels to London to Present Great Lakes Vision Plan

Image © SOM

As part of London's Green Sky Thinking Week, Philip Enquist, leader of SOM’s City Design Practice, will present “Blue is the New Green.” His talk will outline SOM’s 100-year vision for the Great Lakes, St. Lawrence River, and Gulf of St. Lawrence watershed. The Great Lakes Century Vision is a pro-bono initiative begun in 2009 to promote a comprehensive vision for the world’s largest surface freshwater resource and watershed that is home to more than 50 million people.

During his talk, Enquist will present the challenges facing the region, ranging from harmful agricultural practices and urban development to aquatic invasive species, carbon-based power and transportation systems, and the lack of shared holistic strategies. Then, he will illustrate a vision for the region as an international park that encompasses culturally rich urban and rural areas and leverages 21st century transportation systems.

Blue is the New Green

Monday, April 28, 2014
6:30–8:30 p.m.
SOM London, Gallery Space
The Broadgate Tower
20 Primrose Street
London EC2A 2EW

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