One World Trade Center: Biography of the Building

"One World Trade Center: Biography of the Building." Photo courtesy DBOX

The definitive book on New York City's 21st century civic icon is now published. One World Trade Center: Biography of the Building "responds to the intense curiosity from around the globe about how this remarkable supertower was designed and built," telling the complete story of the tower's creation—from political, economic, structural and technological, artistic, and civic angles.

In her introduction the 300-page volume, published by Little Brown and Company, author Judith Dupré describes the building as “the most advanced skyscraper ever constructed [...] A structural and political tour de force.” Incorporating over 70 interviews with the people most closely involved in the project, the book presents a rich visual chronicle of the building, with more than 250 photographs.

On April 26th, 2016, Judith Dupré and guests celebrated the publication of the book at a launch party held in One World Trade Center.

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