How Block 9 is Set to Reenergize Fargo's Historic Downtown

As the opening of Block 9, a mixed-use building located at the intersection of Broadway, 2nd, and 3rd Avenues in Fargo, North Dakota, is anticipated later this year, we're sharing a video preview of the project we shot alongside McGough featuring SOM's Brian Lee, Dickson Whitney and Akhil Sharma.

Block 9 is poised to serve as a destination for business, culture, and community events for Fargo’s residents and visitors; "we were inspired by Fargo's historic streetscape and the bold forms of architecture in the Great Plains. Designed to be evocative of both, Block 9 pays homage to the heritage and scale of Broadway Street while anticipating a future, well-integrated urban fabric. We hope the Block 9 building and its expansive public square re-energizes the city's downtown with new spaces for the community to gather, nourish, work and live for generations to come" says Brian Lee, SOM Consulting Design Partner.