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Data Sculpture Turns a San Francisco Building into a Stunning Morphing Visual

Source: The Creators Project

LA-based artist Refik Anadol has turned the media wall of the 350 Mission Building in San Francisco into otherworldly digital sculptures. The public art work is called Virtual Depictions and uses parametric data from the city to create the stunning, dynamic visuals that are never the same twice.

The spectacular morphing patterns that result not only transform the media wall in the building's lobby, but can be seen from the outside. It also becomes an architectural component, transforming the building too.

"Following the emergence of computational techniques, architecture, and media arts have become closely connected disciplines. They have developed symbiotic dependencies and stimulations," said Anadol. "Having employed information technologies, new media technologies, architecture now explores alternate versions of reality. Material logics are no longer the only elements that constitute a building. Now they are defined as synergetic networks of nodes in communication, which balance themselves in contrived patterns."

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