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Dan Ringelstein and Gunnar Hand to Lead Workshop at ICTH 2017 in Barcelona

Dan Ringelstein (l) and Gunnar Hand (r). Photos © Luke Hayes

Daniel R. Ringelstein and Gunnar Hand will lead a workshop on SOM's Regenerative Cities initiative (RegenCities) at the International Conference on Transport and Health (ICTH). The conference will take place in Barcelona, Spain, from June 26-29; the workshop will take place on Tuesday, June 27th. Ringelstein, Director of Urban Design and Planning, is based in SOM's London office. Hand, City Design Practice Leader, is based in the Los Angeles office.

The RegenCities research initiative is in the discovery phase of defining what it means to be a “regenerative city." Moving beyond sustainability, the initiative seeks to transform our understanding of the built environment, specifically urban centers, from a linear construct to one that is circular. RegenCities is identifying, targeting, and developing projects that create positive feedback loops to make communities more equitable, efficient, and livable.

The workshop will include a presentation by Ringelstein and Hand, followed by a group learning session. Each group will be given one of SOM's 10 City Design Principles (Livability, Economy, Ecology, Food, Mobility, Waste, Water, Resiliency, Energy, and Heritage) and asked to develop a topical pilot project. Through the workshop, participants will share and develop new ideas, and identify metrics for determining success.

ICTH 2017: Regenerative Cities Initiative

June 27, 2017

12–1:30 p.m.

Barcelona Institute for Global Health – Campus MAR
08003 Barcelona, Spain

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