Billie Jean King Main Library Wins 2020 Wood Design Award

Photo © Benny Chan | Fotoworks

U.S. WoodWorks has named the Billie Jean King Main Library a 2020 Wood Design Award winner. The project, which opened in September 2019, was recognized in the Wood in Government Buildings category.

With interior spaces designed to be discrete yet flexible, the library provides an open and inviting environment. The exposed timber structure figures heavily in its design, heightening the building’s civic presence from the street. Daylight filters in through the full-height glazing and second story clerestory, reflecting off the exposed timber and filling the interiors with a warm hue. The relatively light weight of the timber structure allowed the library to be built over an existing parking lot, diverting significant material from the waste stream.

The Billie Jean King Main Library is part of the Long Beach Civic Center Master Plan. Designed to create a mixed-use district across 22 acres of downtown Long Beach, the plan also includes a new City Hall and Port Headquarters as well as the renovation of the historic Lincoln Park.

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