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Apple Big Draw Festival: The Riverwalk with Julie O'Brochta and Jennifer Skowlund from SOM

On Saturday, October 27th, SOM urban designers Julie O'Brochta and Jennifer Skowlund will host "Sketch Walks: The Riverwalk" as the fifth installment of The Big Draw, a month-long festival hosted at Apple flagship stores around the world. The event will start at the Apple Michigan Avenue store in Chicago and continue along the Chicago Riverwalk in a walking tour of 1.5 miles.

O'Brochta and Skowlund will discuss the evolution of the Riverwalk. Attendees will sketch their own ideas for a new segment of the park using the Morpholio Trace app on iPad Pro with Apple Pencil.

O'Brochta and Skowlund's session is the final of five events SOM is leading at Apple Michigan Avenue as a part of The Big Draw during October, 2018. The Big Draw is a charity dedicated to promoting visual literacy worldwide. The festival is the world's biggest drawing event.

Sketch Walks: The Riverwalk

October 27, 2018
3:30 – 5:30 p.m.

Apple Michigan Avenue
401 North Michigan Avenue
Chicago, Illinois

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