​The Great Lakes–St. Lawrence Century Project

Recognizing our local resources as shared, limited, and essential might be a first step in addressing the issues facing the health of our planet and its inhabitants. The Great Lakes–St. Lawrence Century Project aims to help us to recognize this by assessing the economic, agricultural, and environmental challenges for the Great Lakes region, a bi-national watershed spanning from Duluth, Minnesota to the Atlantic Ocean.

The project was initiated by SOM Partner Philip Enquist, in part as a response to an invitation to celebrate the centennial of Daniel Burnham’s 100-year plan for Chicago. The question arose: “What would the next 100 years look like?” Enquist, with support of his colleagues at SOM and agencies outside the firm, intended to find out and share their research with other concerned organizations and the people in the Great Lakes region. Together, they are addressing these problems head-on—not only through education, but also by creating a vision of hope for the cities, industries, wildlife, and people potentially affected by current and impending environmental risks.

The Great Lakes–St. Lawrence Century Project is the second publication in SOM’s single-project monograph series. The book discusses the history of the region and the multiple issues the basin faces. By addressing how these issues are connected, SOM's plan becomes holistic in its approach. It ultimately offers a positive view of what can be done, built on an awareness of the past, the desire to preserve and protect the region, and committed people on the ground making it happen.

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