University of Connecticut – Innovation Partnership Building

The Innovation Partnership Building (IPB) is the centerpiece of SOM’s master plan for the UConn Technology Park. Envisioned as a bridge between academia and industry, as well as science and engineering, the facility serves as a magnet for innovation and an engine for economic development in the state of Connecticut. The 115,000-square-foot building provides an engaging place for investigation and discovery. Here, blue chip companies and startups alike can collaborate with UConn faculty and students on advanced product development, biomedical engineering, and advanced information systems.

The design of the IPB is shaped by its specialized program. It is organized into three primary parts: a flexible tenant laboratory and incubation volume, with wet and dry labs; a high bay advanced manufacturing and additive materials wing; and an advanced characterization laboratory wing that will be among the most sophisticated microscopy centers in the United States. With a highly sustainable design, the building is targeting LEED Gold certification.

Conceived as a “machine in the garden,” the building stands in striking contrast to its bucolic setting of woodlands, farmlands, and rolling hills. As the Tech Park’s first building, the IPB helps to establish a strong identity—clearly distinguishing the Park from the more traditional red brick aesthetic of the main UConn campus next door. The IPB celebrates both nature and the spirit of technology, with a bold structural solution that “floats” the upper lab volume to frame views of woodlands and distant hills. Freeing the ground plane in this manner, the landscape becomes a continuous experience, from the entry plaza to the courtyard and the perimeter forest walking trails beyond.

The lobby, connecting tenant laboratories and the specialty laboratory facility, is a vibrant center of activity. Dominated by a striking Sol LeWitt wall painting, the lobby includes a café, lounge, and meeting rooms. This space accommodates Tech Park events and exhibits showcasing the leading-edge work being done in the IPB and elsewhere in the future Technology Park.