Beijing Bohai Innovation City

  • Beijing Bohai Innovation City is new generation of satellite city development offers smart, connected, innovative lifestyles. Image © SOM
  • The city's strategic location at the first stop of the high-speed intercity rail line — along with its other transit connections — puts all the region’s resources within the quick and convenient reach of the new city. Image © SOM
  • The high-speed rail gateway to the city provides intermodal connections throughout the city. Image © SOM
  • A healthier work and life environment is created in active, mixed-use districts that will attract high-tech talent and their families. Image © SOM
  • A diverse mobility network anchored by an intermodal station, combines high-speed rail, municipal metro lines, a local streetcar system, buses, and people-friendly streets, all within a short walk of the city center. Image © SOM
  • The existing wetlands are supplemented with new complete open space system that both purifies the environment and revitalizes urban life. Image © SOM
  • The city is well positioned along the most influential corridor in China: between the governmental, commercial, and service capital of Beijing and the industrial production and international logistic hub of Tianjin. Image © SOM

Beijing Bohai Innovation City represents a new model of compact, environmentally enhanced urban design for the rapid development of satellite cities along Chinese high-speed-rail corridors. The plan leverages the economic and lifestyle assets of the Beijing-Tianjin corridor by centering the new environmentally friendly district along the high-speed-rail line linking the national capital to the port city of Tianjin. The city expansion will host 17.6 million square meters of mixed-use development, with a focus on providing a premier headquarters location for advanced industries in the dynamically growing Bohai Rim, a region that already accounts for more than a quarter of China’s GDP.