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Will the Skyscrapers Outlast the Pyramids?

Photo © Nick Merrick | Hedrich Blessing

Source: BBC Future

The Egyptian Pyramids have been drawing crowds for millennia. Unfazed by earthquakes, erosion or vandalism, they’ve endured the collapse of the civilisation that built them and the transformation of theSahara from lush grassland into today’s vast desert. ...

“The dominant factor with tall buildings is the wind,” says Bill Baker, the structural engineer behind the Burj. As wind rushes past a streamlined object, such as a tree or a lamppost, it whirls into a single organised gust, which circles round to the left, then back to the right, then left again, pushing from alternating directions as it travels and causing the object to sway. In high winds the Burj can sway up to five feet in either direction.

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