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Vital 911 Call Center to Open in New York City

Photo © Lester Ali

Source: The New York Times

It isn’t warm. It isn’t fuzzy. From its extraterrestrial presence on the Bronx skyline to its security-state name, PSAC II is not in the least bit neighborly.

Yet it may save your life someday...

In recent years, motorists saw the structure clad with silver- and charcoal-colored aluminum panels. These were set in a saw-tooth pattern that makes the enormous cube blend gauzily with the sky or stand out like an impenetrably dark mesa.

Then they saw it encircled by a gently sloping earthen berm that offers extra protection.

“It has the effect of making this big box appear to float,” said Gary Haney, a partner in Skidmore, Owings & Merrill, the architects of PSAC II. The berm also makes it appear, when seen from within, as if the center were surrounded by nature, not barriers.

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